Healing Heroes Network – An Answer to Many Prayers

healing heroes

It is always easy to talk about making a difference in the world. To write books, blog and conduct seminars about how to be a different is quite simple. How many of us are actually sincere and practical about it? It does not take any effort to give a lecture about making a difference in our world but it will start to pinch when we have to sacrifice something and give it away to someone less fortunate. That is where we have to put the preaching into practice.

Meet the Healing Heroes network, a group of professionals who strive to make a difference to the lives of all those war veterans who were injured at war. Healing Heroes Network is a Florida based 501(c)(3) 26-3714861 non-profit organization which was established to serve the courageous men and women of the military and their families. They are headquartered in Palm Harbour, Florida. Since their institution in 2008, The Healing Heroes Network has been trying its best to be a ray of hope for those who have been injured in war. They are a network of professionals who have kept their selfish motives of making money aside to be a beacon of hope to the families of our war heroes.

Healing Heroes Network was founded in 2008 by Dr. Allan Spiegel and his wife, Stacey Spiegel. Being a doctor, he noticed that a lot of war victims who come to his office and they would be in need of extensive treatment for both physical and emotional ailments. He had a burden in his heart to do something for them; to help better their lives through medical treatment. With this vision, the Healing heroes network came into existence. This network is devoted to serving America’s war heroes by providing financial and emotional assistance to the military forces that were injured in the line of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11/01. These veterans need emotional support, love and care to get back to complete health and that is exactly what the healing heroes’ network is doing.

These war heroes stood for us, protected us and gave us our freedom back. We would certainly have died if it wasn’t for them. And how do we thank them? By turning our faces away and going back to our selfish lives without caring about the sacrifice that they made. They weren’t there, fighting for us, we would have been wiped out with the war. Let us learn to respect the sacrifices that these brave soldiers made. Healing heroes has many campaigns through which they try to raise funds to continue helping these war veterans. ‘Harleys for heroes’ is one such initiative that has been bringing in funds for the continual working of this network. Apart from such initiatives, they also accept donations on their website, ‘healingheroes.org’ and via mail. Donations in the form of money, charitable donations, in kind donations, etc are all accepted. Join hands with them and help make a difference. Let us finally practice what we preach.


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